Les ateliers de la bioéthique

Gender and minorities laws in Argentina: Abortion, LGBT and assisted reproduction laws

Par Florencia Luna (Latin American School of Social Sciences)


In this presentation I will focus on the legal situation in Argentina regarding some gender issues.  I will examine the direction the laws have taken in three “non-traditional” areas. They are related in different ways with sexual and reproductive behavior and choices.  I will begin by showing the situation of abortion in Argentina. The second area will consider constitutional changes concerning the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) collective. And finally the third area consists in assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs).

All these practices and areas have been highly questioned and faced significant legal obstacles in Argentina. However, some of them have been regulated challenging status quo. In this presentation I will argue that a striking double standard prevails with respect to women and their sexual and reproductive rights: there is a powerful discrimination in particular against poor women, who are ignored, silenced and forgotten.

Pour en savoir plus : http://www.lecre.umontreal.ca/ai1ec_event/florencia-luna-latin-american-school-of-social-sciences/

Date : Mardi 22 mars 2016
Lieu : Salle 3019 du pavillon 7101 du Parc
Heures : 14 h 30 à 15 h 30